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19. Marin Applikation

MÜPRO Maritim - A brief portrait

MÜPRO Maritim, based in Hamburg, one of Europe’s biggest seaports,
is active world-wide and a major manufacturer and trading company in support
systems for solving almost any challenge in shipbuilding.

In addition to our products tailored to the needs of the shipbuilding industry,
we offer a range of variable products, which you can order in modified versions
to meet your requirements.

Our primary goal is to manufacture practical, workmanlike products of the
highest quality.
A number of highly qualified staff are available to provide advice on application
techniques and assist in preparation – the best guarantee that our customers
profit from our know-how and receive a high quality service.

For support technology tasks in building equipment & HVAC, MÜPRO supports
you with a comprehensive product range and over 40 years of experience.
Visit the MÜPRO homepage for further information.

Support technology for shipbuilding

The MÜPRO product portfolio focuses on the special requirements and
installation conditions encountered in shipbuilding.

Selection of corrosion resistant materials and surfaces for use in aggressive
atmospheres such as seawater.

Reduction of vibration (acoustic insulation) to prevent annoying noise.

Requirements are fulfilled for special applications on ships such as in the military sector.

Reliable and permanent installation of piping and other components in rooms
with high system packing density such as ship structures.

Versions for mounting technology in shipbuilding

Single mounting solutions
Welded mounts
Bolted mounts

Support with system substructures
- Support on the steelstructure with welding studs
- System substructure as partial or continuous grid made of MÜPRO system rails
- System substructure made of angle bars
- Vertically welded angle bars with horizontally bolted angle bars

Advantages of MÜPRO System Substructure
- The basic system substructure grid is installed in compartments below deck
over the entire surface or in previously defined partial areas.
- This provides the basis to simplify mounting of all systems, without
time-consuming installation of individual holders.
- Minimisation of the hot work during initial installation (no prefabrication of
welding holders, because the system substructure is fastened with welding bolts).
- Reduction of weight with our system substructure, because various types of
work can all use the basic grid (for example plumbers and electricians all use
the same substructure)
- Systems (pipes, air conditioning and electronic), which cannot be co-ordinated
can be fastened later with a minimum of work.
- It is easy to supplement or modify the system substructure for later
conversions or changes during the construction phase.
- The system substructure can be used below deck, as well as in wall areas
for local mounts (reduction of hot work).
- Paintwork is eliminated on board following installation, because the channels
for the system substructure are already painted or galvanised at the factoy.

List of references (abstract)

Ferries and passenger ships
Cruiser FM 155
Double-end ferries "BC-Ferries"
Ferry boat "BC-Ferries"Australien

Auto transporters
Container ships
"SCI Iyoti"
"CFS Paranam"

** Mega yachts**

Ocean vessels
Corvette type Meko® 100, Malaysian navy
Corvette type Meko® A-200, South African navy
Corvette K130 & frigate F124,
German Navy
Milgem Project, Turkish Naval Forces

Yacht "Nahlin"
Passenger ship "Rotterdam"
Passenger ship "Queen Mary 2"

The outstanding characteristics of MÜPRO Maritim

  • MÜPRO – system solutions "Engineered in Germany"
  • Extensive market experience – 40 years as the pioneer of pipe supports
    and vibration control in the service of our customers
  • Clear focus on support technology and vibration control
  • On-going innovation to improve and extend the systems
  • High quality products with approvals for general shipbuilding and navy
  • Customer-oriented logistics
  • Comprehensive customer support:
  • Technical consulting service
  • Project management
  • Individual customer solutions in all aspects of products and services
  • Comprehensive IT business support, with a problem-free interface to the customer

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

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