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Fire protection - information

Fire Protection in Building Technology
Constructional fire protection is assuming an ever greater importance in
house and building technology.
Pipe systems are becoming ever more complex resulting in constantly rising
fire loads and greater demands being placed on the planning, design and
assembly of pipe systems.
This applies especially in the case of special use buildings, such as hospitals,
retirement homes, shopping centres or schools where fire protection measures
are essential.
Escape and rescue routes and pipe leedthrough ducts through walls and
ceilings are important areas where the challenge is to fulfil and combine the
demands of constructional fire protection, such as the minimum required
duration of fire resistance, as well as vibration control and thermal insulation.

The legal requirements for constructional fire protection are derived from the
German Model Building Code (MBO), German State Building Codes (LBO),
DIN 4102, the German Pipe System Guidelines LAR (MLAR) and also from
DIN 4109 for vibration control or the German Energy Saving Regulation EnEV
for the area of thermal insulation are also taken into account in the range of
tested fire protection products.

Safety through MÜPRO
As a supplier of high quality fastening systems for building technology,
MÜPRO now offers support technology fire tested by the
North Rhine-Westphalia Materials Testing Office MPA-NRW.
The use of fire tested MÜPRO support technology together with an appropriate
fire protection design for the fastening construction allows you to create a system,
which fulfils all the high requirements demanded by DIN 4102 and LAR.
MÜPRO's fire tested fastening solutions can be combined with its
tested / approved shielding systems to create complete solutions, which fulfil
every aspect of constructional fire protection.

The modular range of MÜPRO products
allows you to build up a comprehensive range of fire protection leedthrough
and fastening solutions.
Our application technology team provides competent support in planning and
designing fastening solutions.

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

Further important information refer to: 'Documentation'

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