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20. Applikation Tunnlar

Support Technology in Tunnels

MÜPRO offers support technology solutions suitable for use in tunnels.

The highly corrosive atmosphere present in tunnels demands support
technology, which is adapted to this special environment.

For fastening:
- Supply and return pipe systems
- Sprinkler and fire extinguishing pipes
- Communications engineering
- Ventilation technology (air ducts, ventilators)
- General supply technology

Fastenings in:
- Road tunnels
- Railway tunnels
- Underground and city railway tunnels
- Pedestrian tunnels

MÜPRO support technology is adapted to meet the special demands of each

Corrosion resistance
Through the use of appropriate materials such as hot-dip
galvanised steel, stainless steel A2 and stainless steel A4 to meet especially
high demands.
Microlayer corrosion protection coating system provides the highest levels of
corrosion protection in the most demanding environments (proven in salt spray
test according to DIN 50 021 over 1000 hours).

Pipe axis can be altered in relation to the fastening surface allowing the pipe to
be positioned with high precision and flexibility.
Fastenings resistant to changing strains, e.g. wind caused by moving trains,
are guaranteed by undercutting (formfitting) anchors such as MÜPRO Zykon
expansion anchors.

Electrical insulation
Between steel pipe and construction body using MÜPRO

High temperature stability
Fire protected through fastenings with technical-, FM- and VDS approval and
using fire tested support technology (anchors, clamps, channels,
system element).

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

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