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Energi & Infrastruktur

Power / Transport

Le Bronze Industriel is a reference in the supply of copper alloys materials for Power and Transport industries.

Global increased demand for Power and Transport supports the stated long term strategy of Le Bronze Industriel.
Our capabilities enable us to offer either single one off components, through to large volumes, produced to our exacting standards in materials ranging from pure copper to highly complex technical copper alloys.
Le Bronze Industriel is collaborating with its customers in the Power and Transport sectors to help develop products and processes that enables tomorrow’s demands to be met today.

Some of our products applications:

  • Cryogenics (parts of gas valves for Ariane Rockets) and nuclear applications such as valves for the decanting of uranium hexafluoride stored in containers
  • Shortcut rings for engines dedicated to electrical power supply
  • Wind turbine rotors
  • Hydroelectric station
  • Parts for transformers
  • Plates designed for cooling system of alternators
  • Particle absorber blocks for CERN
  • Cooling system for nuclear applications
  • Rotor end bars for AC induction drive motors
  • Connectors for railway industry
  • Parts for transformers
  • Switchgears
  • Contactors
  • Shortcut rings for squireel cage motors of high speed trains, subways and tramways
  • Suspension system for tanks
  • Rings for Formula 1 engine
  • Parts for hydraulic and pneumatic hammers



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Our main references

ABB, Alstom Power, Alstom Transport, Areva, ATB Morley, BHEL, Bombardier, Galland, Cegelec, Converteam, Descote, General Electrics, Hitachi, Jeumont, Praxair, RATP, Siemens, SNCF, Toyo, TT Electric, Voith, WEG



Semi-finished products
Engineered parts

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