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Guideline 7/25: How shall welded tubes be considered for the application of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)?

Guideline 7/25
Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC
Commission’s Working Group "Pressure"
Guideline related to: Annex I Section 3.1.2 , Annex I Section 3.1.3 ,
Annex I Section 4.3

Question: How shall welded tubes be considered for the application of the
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)?

Answer: Continuously machine-welded tubes, i.e. tubes made from coils
as starting materials in an automatic process, which are usually heat treated
after welding shall be in the terms of certification procedures considered as
materials pro-vided the essential safety requirements (ESRs) of
Annex I section 4 “Materi-als” as well as applicable ESRs of Annex
I section 3 “Manufacturing” (in par-ticular 3.1.2 and 3.1.3) are fulfilled.

Further the manufacturer of such tubes shall affirm compliance of the
welded tube to the specification.
In general, the inspection document shall take the form of a certificate of
specific product control, where shall be found the references to the
competent third party approval of welding procedures and personnel and to
the recognised third party approval of non destructive personnel
(for categories III and IV).
When the use of the welded tube is limited to pressure equipment of
category I, a statement in the test report confirming that personnel and welding
procedures are qualified according to suitable internal operating procedures
is sufficient.
In application of guideline 7/16, where the welded tube manufacturer has a
certified quality system, this system shall properly cover not only the
relevant material properties referred to in the tube specifications, but also the
manufacturing process of the welded tubes (in particular welding and NDT).
Note: This implies that e.g. tubes made from plates are to be considered
components, see guideline 7/19.

Accepted by WPG on: 15 Apr 2004
Accepted by Working Group "pressure": 07 Sep 2004

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