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Guideline 7/19: Which requirements apply to components, such as dished ends, bolts, flanges, welded fittings etc, which are placed on the market as such?
Guideline 7/18: Do the essential safety requirements on materials specified in Annex I section 4.1 and section 7.5 apply to the base material or to the pressure equipment ?
Guideline 7/17: What approach can be used to decide if a steel grade selected for a pressurized part requires specific impact properties?
Guideline 7/16: The Directive 97/23/CE considers the case of “a material manufacturer who has an appropriate quality-assurance system, certified by a competent body established withinthe Community and having undergone a specific assessment for materials”.
Guideline 7/15: Annex I, section 4.2, first indent authorises the use of materials which comply with harmonised standard....
Guideline 7/14: What does the exclusion of fine-grained steel in the first dash of section 7.1.2 of Annex I of the directive mean ?
Guideline 7/13: What is meant by Where appropriate, in the context of section 4.1a when it refers to the quantitative values of section 7.5?
Guideline 7/12: Shall welding consumables and other joining materials comply with harmonised standards, European approvals of materials or particular material appraisal ?
Guideline 7/11: Do the essential safety requirements of annex I apply to pressure equipment
Guideline 7/10: What are the requirements for the documentation and traceability of welding consumables...

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