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Membranventil/Diaphgram valve

Fields of application
• food and beverage industries
• domestic applications
• chemical and industrial process engineering
• power plants
• general industries
Suitable for drinking water, utility water, air, oil and technical gases as well as aggressive and abrasive media.

Operating data
- max. operating temperature range from -30°C up to +160°C - max. operating pressure range from vacuum up to 16 bar

Soft sealing valve, weir type.
Sealing in the passage and towards the outside by a completely
enclosed diaphragm with a supporting spiral spring.
Position indicator with integrated stem protection.

- manufactured and tested DIN 3359
- designated DIN/EN 19 (ISO 5209)
- DVGW registered DVGW-sheet W 900
- dimensions DIN 2501 (BS 4504)
- surface DIN 2526 Form C
Face to face length
- EN 558-1 R1 (ISO 5752/1)
(DIN 3202-F1)
- EN 558-1 R7 (ISO 5752/7)
(BS 5156)

Body: grey cast iron JL-1040 GJL-250 +160°C
Bonnet: grey cast iron JL-1040 GJL-250
Compressor grey cast iron JL-1040 GJL-250
Zinc alloy GD-ZnAl4Cu1 2.2141
Stem: stainless steel X12CrMoS17 1.4104
Diaphragm: EPDM +130°C
Handwheel: plastic/steel ABS/St14

JS-1025 GJS-400-18-LT +160°C
Body Lining
NR-H Ebonite +100°C
CSM Hypalon +100°C
IIR Butyl +120°C
S-1025/PTFE +150°C
Body Coating
PA-KTW Rilsan +90°C
ECTFE Halar +120°C
Diaphragm Materials
EPDM/W 270 +90°C
EPDM-V (Vacuum) +130°C
NBR +90°C
CSM +100°C
IIR +120°C
Bonnet: JS-1025 GJS-400-18LT

These data are given as a guide only and do not apply to all operating conditions.

Certificate - material EN 10204 2.2
EN 10204 3.1
- final inspection EN 10204 3.1

On all inquiries / orders please specify
1 - type
2 - PN
3 - DN
4 - working pressure
5 - differential pressure
6 - operating temperature
7- medium
8 - pipe connection
9 - variants
10 - certificate
11 - leaflet number

  • All moving parts are seperated from the medium by the diaphragm.
  • Thrust bearing reduces the required closing torques
  • Diaphragm support increase the reliability during the operation, the service life and the pressure limit of the diaphragm
  • No entrapment areas only diaphragm and body are in contact with the medium
  • Position indicator with integrated stem protection increases the reliability of operation
  • Enclosed diaphragm guarantees
  • Absolute tightness towards the outside
  • Hermetic sealing of the stem
  • Balanced diaphragm suspension increases life time of the diaphragm

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