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Inspektions videokamera

Publicerad: 8 februari 2011 kl 14:47

Tänk om man har muffar på rörledningen strax innan känslig och
dyr utrustning såsom ventiler, pumpar och turbiner.
Titta på spjällskivan i vridspjället, käglan på en reglerventil, tubpaketet
inne i värmeväxlaren.
Listan kan göras lång.

Trevligt med förebyggande underhåll.

Se filmen.


RF System Lab. is making waves in the Remote Visual Inspection industry.
Their flagship product, VJ-ADV, delivers all the features you would expect
in a high-end videoscope at a price that makes it accessible to almost
If you thought you had to settle for a fiber optic scope, or needed to piece
together various components in order to capture photos and video, you
will definitely want to learn more about VJ.
Nearly six years in development, this articulating video borescope breaks
new ground in portability, functionality, and value.


Joystick Articulation Control

The VJ-ADV delivers precise control of the articulating tip through the use
of a thumb-activated joystick.
This joystick responds to the slightest movement of your thumb and allows
full movement of the camera tip 90° in all directions.
Combined with a trigger-activated image capture button and thumb-activated
video recording button, the joystick allows easy one handed control of all
key functions.

High Navigation Ability

The scope itself is only 6.9mm in diameter, and the rigid end of the bending
section measuring at only 15mm long.
This short rigid section, and small diameter aids in navigating the insertion
tube through curved or complicated structures.

Battery-powered Operation

The VJ-ADV is fully portable and weighs only 23 oz., including the required
four AA batteries.
Run time is typically 2 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.
Because off the shelf disposable batteries are used, there is no risk of
down time waiting for a recharging cycle.

Stand-alone Imaging Unit

The VJ-ADV is an all-in-one system that combines an articulating video
borescope with an on-board imaging system.
As you conduct an inspection, jpg images can be captured with the click of
your index finger.
Another button next to the joystick allows you to start and stop a video
The intuitive control panel allows you to review stored images and video on
the 3.5" LCD monitor.
As an option, you can view and record images and video on a laptop via the
USB port, or use a standard TV monitor plugged into the RCA/NTSC output.
You can also transfer the images to your computer using the removable
Micro SD flash memory card.

Adjustable Brightness

The LEDs that illuminate the camera tip can be easily adjusted to one of
four different brightness levels, or they can be turned off.
This feature prevents light washout and helps to always provide a clear image.

Enhanced Features

The VJ-ADV incorporates several additional features, including:

Time lapse and audio recording functions for more specialized video
2X digital zoom to magnify the image when you are unable to move the tip
any closer.
Charged "Flash" image capture that allows you to record an image of a very
dark area by releasing a burst of super-intense light from the LEDs.
The tip temperature monitor and warning system allows you to monitor and
protect your system.

Research & Development

Nearly six years in development, this articulating video borescope breaks
new ground in micro-technology, performance and portability.


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