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MASTER BOND POLYMER SYSTEM EP21ARHT, With Outstanding Chemical Resistance Particularly to Acids

Publicerad: 27 juli 2011 kl 14:44

Two Component Epoxy Resin System For Durable, High Performance,
High Strength Coatings, Liners and Adhesive/Sealants With
Outstanding Chemical Resistance Particularly to Acids

Master Bond Polymer System EP21ARHT is a two component epoxy resin
compound for durable, high performance, coating liner and
adhesive/sealants with outstanding acid as well as excellent overall chemical
The EP21ARHT compound which is formulated to cure at room temperature
or more rapidly at elevated temperatures, with a convenient two-to-one
non-critical mix ratio by weight, offers a degree of acid resistance unmatched
by any other currently available room temperature or heat curing resin
It can successfully withstand, for example, prolonged immersion in even
96-98% sulfuric acid and 36% hydrochloric acid for more than a year.
A primary application would be as a coating and/or liner for chemical storage
tanks, fuel storage tanks, chemical piping, scrubbers, chemical processing
equipment, etc.
Master Bond Polymer System EP21ARHT also features excellent resistance
to fuels, oils, ethanol and many active organic solvents.
In addition, it has superb bonding strength and is an excellent adhesive
especially in acid environments.
Master Bond Polymer System EP21ARHT is 100% reactive, does not contain
any solvents or diluents and cures with minimal shrinkage.
It readily develops a high bonding strength of more than 2500 psi at room
Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, cements, wood, vulcanized rubbers,
and many plastics is excellent.
A non-drip version is also available. The EP21ARHT system has high
physical strength properties and although rigid, it thermally cycles well over
the temperature range -60 to 375°F.
The Master Bond Polymer System EP21ARHT cures readily to produce
a strong, thermoset plastic with superior electrical insulation characteristics
and a desirably low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Color of part A clear; part B amber.
This epoxy compound is widely used in the construction, maintenance and
repair, chemical process, metalworking appliance and electrical/electronic
industries wherever durable, high performance, tough coatings, liners and/or
adhesive sealants with outstanding acid, chemical and solvent resistance
are required.

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