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Ny klamma för ventilationsrör, Duct Clamp MÜPRO

Publicerad: 3 maj 2011 kl 08:00

Manufactured to suit air duct dimensions.

„„Practical latchening fastener:
simple and secure insertion and fastening of the pipe due to quick
fastener for nominal pipe size of up to 450 mm, M8 hexagon
screws for pipe sizes from 450 mm and upwards.

„„Easy installation due to the wide opening angle of the clamp.

„„For attachment of air ducts as well as spiral-seam pipes
„Added rigidity due to the grooved design of the duct clamp.

„„Easy clicking-in of the fastening bolt with the tip of a finger.
„„High level of safety due to the hinge-like opening.
„„No inadvertent opening once it has clicked in.

„„The easy click-in fastener allows opening and closing of the pipe
clamp with only one hand.

„„DÄMMGULAST® Vibration control lining with orange indentification
stripe: average vibration reduction of 18 db(A).

„„Manufactured to suite connecting thread M8/M10.

© MÜPRO – A concept for progress and quality

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