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Nyhet från MÜPRO Maritim, Clip for bulb profile

Publicerad: 26 oktober 2010 kl 21:07

The situation

Fastening elements in the shipbuilding industry are usually fitted by welding
the appropriate fastening elements directly to the bulb profiles of the
ship's structure.
This results in the need to carry out and complete the fixing of the fastening
elements, for example for pipe support, during the course of the hot works.
Once the interior or the ship has been given a paint finish or surface treatment,
welded supports can generally only be fitted at higher expense and with g
reater difficulty.
This means additional expenditure of time and money.

The solution

The new clip for bulb profiles from MÜPRO is a fast way to fit fastening
elements using just a single clamping screw, which can be variably adjusted
at any time and at any position on the bulb profile.
By simply fitting the clip for bulb profiles to the profile and tightening the
clamping screw, a secure connection can be produced without any damage
to the coatings on the ship's structure.
Additional locking of the clamping screw using a tightening nut prevents
unwanted unlocking due to vibration.
The new clip for bulb profiles has a light-weight construction in order to
accommodate the ever increasing demands in terms of weight reduction in
the shipbuilding industry.
The clip for bulb profiles is available in two different sizes, enabling fastening
to all common bulb profiles from HP80 to HP160.
The clip for bulb profiles is patent pending.

Your advantages

For simple fastening to bulb profiles of the ship's structure without welding
Using just a single screw connection with little time required for fixing in
comparison to the conventional fastenings.
Direct, variable fastening at any desired position on the bulb profile.
Subsequent fixing also possible after conclusion of the "hot works" without
damaging the coating.
Slip-resistant fastening to the bulb profile by means of a clamping screw with
a lock nut.
Light-weight construction to meet the ever increasing demands in terms of
weight reduction.
High tensile load capacity of up to 4.5 kN

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

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