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Security Fasteners for Critical Joints

Publicerad: 16 december 2010 kl 15:20

VIBRATION. Extreme Temperature. Corrosion.

In order to combat and conquer these factors a locknut must possess
certain key characteristics:

Locking Torque that is guaranteed and consistent
Locking mechanism functions independent of preload
All metal design to withstand temperature and corrosion
Will not seize up or damage male threads
Consistent K factor to help achieve precise preload
The LANFRANCO series of all metal, slotted self-locking nuts designed for
dynamic applications meets all of these criteria and more.

So, How Does It Work?

Very simply, there are two horizontal slots found on the turret portion of the
nut which are de-pitched using precision manufacturing techniques inside
our ISO 9001:2000 factory.
When installed, both slots lock directly on to the bolt thread flanks on two
different levels and opposite sides.
Because the locking torque is spread out evenly, we mitigate galling forces
and increase reusability.

Locking: Service Proven, ISO controlled, Reusable

All of our slotted locking nuts have their prevailing torque controlled by
ISO 2320, which details Max and Min values for
Prevailing Torque and Reusability (similar to IFI specs but higher reusability).

Prevailing torque functions completely independent of any preload,
allowing the nut to lock in any position or be re-adjusted after installation.
Resistance to loosening forces has been verified by independent testing
and 40 yrs of service proven performance.

Temperature & Corrosion: True All Metal, Single Piece Design

An all metal locknut that is actually all metal AND made from a single piece
of steel?
Yes, that is exactly what Lanfranco provides.
Our locknuts are made from a single piece of steel (or stainless) and do
not rely on inserts of any kind, metallic rings or external springs.
This ensures that we can function in any operating temperature or corrosive
environment as operating range is determined by material, which we can
produce from almost any type of metal.

Galling: Ensure Stainless Steel Nuts Will Not Seize Up!

When a locknut seizes up it creates a multitude of problems that prevent
effective and efficient bolting. Building on our design advantages,
Lanfranco controls galling in stainless steel with a unique, permanent and
robust anti-galling treatment.
This treatment is not a grease or wax, but is diffused at 400ºC and will not
only prevent galling in stainless steel but provide a guaranteed
friction coefficient.

Installation: Standard Tools and Bolts

Use your same torque values, tools and standard bolts.
Lanfranco locknuts work with all of your standard practices and are
available in metric and imperial threads.
There is no retraining of your staff required and we are always happy to
send samples or visit you for a product demonstration.
If however, you want us to provide you with information like torque values,
drawings or material selection information, we are ready for this and keep
a full time engineer on staff to work with customers.

J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc. - Security Fasteners for Critical Joints

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