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Ventilläckage, Valve-Squeak™: Technology Breakthrough in Leak Detection

Publicerad: 1 februari 2011 kl 14:36

Technology Breakthrough in Leak Detection

Designed for operations and maintenance personnel to perform frequent
valve checks in their units, Valve-Squeak is an easy-to-use through-valve
loss detection system.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, Valve-Squeak isolates leaks of any size
and in any valve saving you thousands, if not millions of dollars.


Simple Operation... A green light shows a "no leak" and a yellow LED bar
graph shows a leak range of "small" to "very large".
Once a leak is identified, your VPAC™ unit can be used for quantification.
Valve-Squeak has high noise and vibration immunity and is Intrinsically Safe
for use in hazardous, gaseous environments that require
Class I, Div 1, IIC, T4 (currently only meeting US certifications).

• The valve leak still needs to be verified and quantified by a VPAC system
and operator.

• To keep the Valve-Squeak cost low, it contains simplified electronics.

• With the low cost of the Valve-Squeak it's possible to have many units in a
refinery or plant to help the single VPAC operator locate potential loss.

• VPAC operators are still needed to quantify/ measure CFM or GPM.


• Locates leaks in valves including PSV, RV, CV and all others

• Used worldwide in refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms

• Realizes plant savings ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000/year when
combined with a VPAC/5131 leak detection system (even leaks in a small
valve can result in significant losses)

• ROI is in the first use

• Identifies losses rapidly

• Eliminates excessive flaring


• Drastically cutting "sellable" gas losses

• Reducing turnaround time

• Maintaining plant integrity and safety

• Cutting back on maintenance costs

• Moving towards zero emissions

• Meeting EPA Clean Air requirements

• A key tool for LDAR programs

For more information, call 1-609-716-4000 or visit us on the web at

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