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Svenskt företag specialiserat på rör, rördelar, ventiler, packningar och flänsar.

Produktion & Innovation

Production and innovation

Le Bronze Industriel :
- A fully integrated production process from foundry to forging and machining
- A commitment in development of new products and new copper alloys


Located for 40 years in the heart of Champagne region, Le Bronze Industriel manufactures all its products in two complementary facilities.

In 2004, a fully brand new factory of 20 000 m² was inaugurated through a major investment of 30 million euros. The acquisition of a new extrusion press of 5400 tons (the largest one in Europe) lead to substantial advantages (increase of productivity high dimension rods < 200 mm and tubes < 400 mm) in order to answer a growth always more intense of the international market.

One of Le Bronze Industriel major strength relies in its fully integrated production process, from casting to machining. This particularity guarantees a complete traceability and thus a perfect control of its quality. 


Le Bronze Industriel has become a pioneer and a reference in the development of new products (e.g. substitution alloys to Beryllium Copper) and the continuous improvement of existing production process in order to optimize its capacity and costs.


Induction furnaces,
Continuous, semi-continuous and centrifugal casting.

Hot processing

Forging (open die)
Hot stamping (closed die)

Thermal treatment

Quenched, hardened,
Furnaces with atmospheric control

Cold processing

Caps cold forming
Cold forming of tubes for fittings

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